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12:14 Стих(на Англ) собственно написанный
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Первый стих, не бейте сильно :)

Late at the night you sit by the window,
Shine bright stars, the moon playfully looks at you,
And you're still dreaming about it,
How will gently by the hand to hold,
Hugging and kissing.
How gentle eyes burn.

You sit there and all you dream,
But you know what does not notice on you.
And you're afraid to approach, to show their feelings.
But think about it.
Waiting for the first step, as water flower.
Dawn really outside the window, and you're still dreaming,
think about it.

You devchenka not be afraid,
Take your dream into you hands.
In reality you come,
About their feelings subtly hint.
And you see all your dreams will come true.
And at night you will not grieve.
And his favorite gently embrace.

And know everything is subject to us
If you strongly want,
And not sitting by the window in an empty dream burn.
Able to decide the fate of yourselves.
Now you decide,
To love, to suffer, or just think and dream!

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15.07.2013, 13:44
You devchenka not be afraid - это пять))

16.07.2013, 18:08

Страницы: 1
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